The Great Promenade Show

Blackpool is one of most amazing places in England with great history of holiday and tourism. We can love it, we can hate it, but everyone should see it (especially over Illuminations time). To keep up with today’s tourist needs Blackpool’s is constantly changing and some huge redevelopments are undertaken to remain Blackpool colourful and worth seeing place. There are many interesting things about Blackpool, but Tower and Promenade is what makes this place so special.

The Great Promenade Show started together with the major Promenade redevelopment. Over 2km of South Promenade was redesigned and changed. Victorian promenade was replaced with superb concrete  design on two levels. The upper level of the promenade was ment to have sort of ‘’landings’’ every 100m on which was intended to place specially designed  wind shelters and sculptures representing Blackpools character.  You can now walk all the way down from South to North Promenade surrounded by some great art pieces, if you tired or want to admire the view there is many wind shelters and benches to rest on. Renovated Promenade is wide enough and smooth for anyone walking or cycling.   Here are some of the sculptures you will find on your way down the Prom….. enjoy the walk or ride…..

sea desire fin glam_rocks mirror_ball organ

Published Date: 13th September 2013
Category: General

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